Thursday, September 19, 2013

Music for the Ears

Well, it is completed. This project had the largest learning curve of all the ones I've done so far. Not only did it involve learning Garageband, but it also included pulling out all my musical genius (of which I had none... lol). This is actually the fourth song I created. I tried creating original tunes using the on screen piano with my mouse, the computer keyboard and I even went so far as to attach my digital piano with a midi/usb cord.

What ultimately ended up working for me was to use a song I was already familiar with, using mostly the baseline and some of the song. I used a lot of drum beats, percussion, guitars, flutes and so many effects I couldn't possibly name them all. I experimented with the volume levels, echo, pitch and tempo. My inspiration song was "Heaven" by DJ Sammy. It is a dance mix of the same name by Brian Adams. I love this song!!! I hope you enjoy it. I am pretty proud of it. :)

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