Monday, September 30, 2013

Video Mash-Up

Today I am sharing with you my Video Mash-up using iMovie. This project took me about 18 hours over a period of 3 days. It took me a lot of time to figure out what I wanted this movie to say. It had to have a story. As usual, this process changed and evolved as I searched for clips and began piecing it together. 

The story starts off with the insecurities of life. Afraid to show our faces to those who would judge us, we tend to go about our days hiding. But as the story goes on, we gain confidence in who God created us to be. Because He created us, we don't  have to fear man and their opinions. We can hold ourselves confidently. He is the author of life, and in this parallel, dance. At the end, I show the faces of the ballet dancers from the beginning of the film to represent this. In a few places in the film, you'll hear audio from the 1985 film, Footloose. While I am using the exact words from that film, I cut some words out and I rearranged them to tell a different story. 

I used clips from a lot of movies to make this film. They are: 
Dirty Dancing
The Breakfast Club
Swing Time
Step Up 3D
The Black Swan
Footloose 1985 Audio only
Footloose 2012 
Save the Last Dance
Something Borrowed
A Musical Groups 1940's Style Song Video

This project was challenging because I had to make the dancing in the film go with the beat of my song. So I used the speed feature a lot in my editing. I also put filters on many of the clips to evoke different moods. Some clips were cropped and I also added transitions between some of the clips. I cut, arranged and modified the clips until they hit the song in just the place I wanted them and also to tell the story I was trying to tell. I also learned how to completely remove the audio from a film, leaving the soundtrack to be manipulated to tell a completely different story as I did with Kevin Bacon's audio from Footloose.  

I realize that my video is not very weird, but it is "me". It tells the story "I" wanted to tell and I feel it goes very well with the music. I choose to use my song in its entirety because... well it took a long time to make it and I wanted it all in there. 

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