Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Meal Plan

The reason that my menu plan works for me is because I am very familiar with my recipes and their names. What you may find as you are reading through my list is you don't know what an Egg MoMuffin is or Dagwood Sandwiches. So if you come across anything like that, just leave a comment and I post the recipe instructions. For now, here are the ones I mentioned above.

Egg MoMuffin

Yes, you read that correctly MOmuffin. Many years ago, a friends elderly grandmother was just getting to know me during a Christmas gathering I was attending. She was a quirky lady and was reading off the names on the gift tags when she came across one belonging to me. Now I don't know why she would read it as she did, but instead of reading Michelle, she read MOchelle. Well, that got everyone laughing and ever since I have been MOchelle to this family. It has even translated into my own family with my niece calling me Aunt MOchelle. So when I started making these yummy breakfast sandwich at home, they became "Egg MOmuffins". lol, I also make a killer Sloppy Mo's.


English Muffin (I like Thomas Lite Multigrain)
2% American Cheese
Canadian Bacon

1. Spray you frying pan with nonstick oil spray. Heat to medium.
2. Break egg into pan as if you were making a dippy egg.
3. While this is cooking, pop your English Muffin into the toaster.
4. Once egg is starting to solidify, break yolk and continually push egg towards center, or fold it on itself until it holds and is the size of your muffin.
5. Flip egg, cook until the yolk is no longer runny.
6. Place toasted muffin on a plate, lay cooked egg on top. Add Cheese.
7. Toss Canadian Bacon into hot pan. Cook for 20 seconds on each side. Don't overcook as this will dry it out.
8. Add Bacon to your sandwich and enjoy.

Dagwood Sandwiches

This are really simple and you can adjust them to your own tastes but this is how we like them.


Deli Turkey Breast
Colby Jack Cheese
Sweet Italian Loaf

1. Cut the loaf of bread length wise.
2. Generously layer Turkey, Salami and Cheese.
3. Close bread and slice into individual sandwiches.

Optional Ingredient Ideas: Lettuce, Tomato, Banana Peppers, Bacon, Red Onion, Ranch, Mayo, Mustard, Oil & Vinegar Dressing.

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